Handmade presents are gifts from the heart and deserve to be presented in an elegant and luxurious way. Because besides the beautiful item, you gift your attention and time to the recipient. And in our epoche of fast life and fashion, time is the most precious gift you can give to another person. Today I am sharing very easy tips on how to create sustainable handmade gift wrapping for Christmas or Baby Shower that will stand out and will look very elegant. It is more simple than you think!

Before I continue, let me share how this post idea came to life. Every year after Christmas or birthday party of my children I felt sad to see a huge trash bag full of plastic and paper gift packaging. I wanted to create a more sustainable way to wrap the presents that would be even more luxurious and elegant and have zero waste. The authentic handmade gift wrapping that will be a precious extension of the present and won’t go to the trash bin.

Gift in a box

Gift your item in a box. It will immediately elevate your gift. No matter what you will put inside, it will be valued and appreciated. Options here are endless – from simple white boxes, like a Tjena box from Ikea for $2-3, to an elegant personalized box with a magnetic lid and ribbon. And after unboxing it can be used as a storage box or keepsake box.

Tissue paper

Make unboxing an experience. A wonderful unforgettable experience that will fill the heart of the person who gets your gift with joy. Use silk tissue paper or tissue paper personalized with stamps inside the box. I like the silk paper for its absolutely luxurious feel and look. Usually, this kind of tissue paper is sold in rolls or sheets. I shop for it here, but you can easily find it on Amazon too. Otherwise, you can embellish regular white tissue paper with stamps. Alternatively, use a wax seal or a sticker as a closure. You can use tissue paper not only inside – it will look fabulous on the top of the box too.

Preserved real rose petals

Real rose petals will make a huge difference in creating an authentic and luxurious unboxing experience. There are 2 major types of real petals: freeze-dried, and preserved. My personal choice is preserved petals. To the touch, they look like real rose petals, have the same brilliance, do not discolor, do not sag, and can be stored for years. What is the difference between preserved and freeze-dried petals? The freeze-dried rose petals are biodegradable, light, have natural colors, and are slightly crumbly. They also do not discolor. These petals retain their color for 3-5 weeks when stored in the dark in a dry place. After this time, the rose petals may discolor slightly. Preserved rose petals are also biodegradable, but they are soft to the touch and are not crumbly. These petals have been treated with dyes and can stain. If stored dry and in the dark, preserved rose petals can even be stored for 1 to 3 years. After this time they may discolor slightly. If you are afraid that the petals might stain the gift, use the freeze-dried petals! Sweet Colours is the online shop I am getting the petals from. They ship worldwide and have a petals quantity calculator that is very handy when you need to know the best quantity to order. Other shops you might like:


The Real Flower Petal Confetti shop from the UK

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company is the UK’s original wedding petal grower. A huge field of flowers blooms on the Wyke Manor Estate, the 250-year-old family farming estate of Wyke Manor. They use carefully developed methods of planting, handpicking, and naturally drying flower petals using just air and sun. You can even come and see the petals growing! The flower fields are open to the public for a few days each June/ July.

Handmade stationery

Elegant invitation suite by PenelopeMargotDesign, UK

If you want to create a curated and elegant look for your presents, think about personalized stationery. Usually, it is done for weddings, but you may customize the wedding invitation, participation, and sitting tags into your gift card and tag! The ready sets are coming with ribbons, an envelope, and a sealing wax stamp (depending on what kind of set or bundle you’ve ordered). The advantage is that you will have all ready for your gift packaging without the need to DIY all these elements by yourself and buy equipment to do so. The disadvantage, as the items are handmade, it takes time to make them and receive the shipment. But the results are certainly worth the wait! Here are some examples to inspire you.

If the option above is too much for you, it is possible to DIY the same look as above adding a piece of silk paper (or tissue paper, the one you used for inside or outside the box) or a swatch of chiffon silk on the top of the message written by hand on white paper. Or you can handwrite it on a piece of handmade or rice paper for a gorgeous vintage look. You can find many types of handmade paper (or they call it Mulberry Paper) on Amazon, Etsy, or in a local wedding accessories store. The paper sets usually are already cut and ready for writing. Add to your handwritten messages ribbons and seals, and you’ll get very elegant custom packaging!

Here are some ideas to inspire you.

  • Handmade ribbons

Use hand-dyed silk or cotton ribbons rather than regular satin ribbons. They cost more, but the difference is huge and worth the trouble! If you have in mind to gift more than to one person (or one time), you might consider purchasing a bundle of ribbons of different colors and widths from the same shop to save time and money. I purchased a neutral ribbons box two years ago that I use till now to wrap the gifts (handmade and not) for all birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays. This way even for last-minute gifts I always have beautiful and feminine packaging. Here are just a few of my personal favorite ribbons shops.

Silk and Willow

Besides the amazing choice of hand-dyed ribbons, you can find there handmade linens, events decor, paper, and accessories.


No matter where you live, on Etsy you can always find a ribbon shop close to you. There you can find a huge selection and ideas for your ribbon shopping.

Honey and Silks

It is the shop where most of my ribbons are from. This shop has a great variety of ribbons in silk, velvet, and cotton as well as bundles.

Another option – is to make ribbons by yourself from gauze, chiffon silk, or sari silk fabrics. It will take more time, but if you are into crafting this can be a great free-time activity to try.

  • Wax seals and Embossing Stamps

Use wax seals or embossing stamps to add to your card, envelope, or tissue paper closure and a luxury feel. The stamp and wax sticks can be an investment, but hey – there are many holidays during the year and you can use your personal seal or stamp for any gift-giving occasion making unboxing a very personal experience. For example, you can choose a stamp with a pre-made design or order a custom stamp featuring the first letter of your family name like the ones below. I am sure that in a short time your gifts people will recognize in an instant just looking at the seal!

External Wrapping Ideas

For outside of the box, you can use simple decorations and paper wrapping options. For the base, any kind of non-gloss paper will go fine- from craft and tissue or rice paper to the handwritten or musical notes patterned paper (you can find both paper options on Amazon). You can also combine plain solid paper with a stipe of vintage paper with musical notes or handwriting. It will create a beautiful and dainty contrast. Another wrapping option that is very popular lately is wrapping with fabric, like in the picture below.

The fabric type options are endless: from gauze cotton and silk to muslin cotton and linen. Instead of the ribbon, you can use jute or twine thread, chunky yarn pieces, or use the fabric angles. Top it all with dry or fresh greenery, wooden accents, or any other seasonal accents to make your packaging really stand out.

As you can see putting together a few extras can completely change the presentation of your handmade (or not) gifts and speak to the heart of the people who get them. Even if you implement half of my suggestions to gift wrap for the holidays, I am sure that you will create a memorable, mindful and unforgettable experience for the person who’ll get it.

A real value of the handmade gift is the time spent to select a project, handpick and buy supplies needed, and hours of work to make it. And just with a few easy “extras” listed below, you can make your handmade gift appreciated not less than a gift bought in a very exclusive brand boutique! For sure each part of your gift presentation will be stored as memory and won’t get to the trash bin as gift wrapping normally does. The purpose of gifting is this – make another person feel deeply loved, appreciated, and cared for. And it can be done by making your gift packaging more pretty and personal, not with the price tag or brand name on the box. Don’t you agree?

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