It took me quite a while to design the packaging for my handmade blankets. Why? All the packaging materials I use are handmade and all of them have their own story that I want to share with you today.

I strongly believe in the importance of a sustainable and eco-friendly way of doing business, no matter how small or how big it is. That’s why a few years ago I replaced plastic and paper bags to ship my handmade blankets with cotton bags that close with the beautiful handmade ribbon. This was my little contribution to the world with more trees and less plastic.

The bags are made by me from soft natural cotton fabric that is very close to muslin cotton, commonly used for newborn babies. It is a very delicate fabric and is perfect for daily use. I wanted to create reusable packaging that won’t go to the trash after the customer will get the order, but can “serve” to store the blanket while not used. I wanted it to look beautiful and highlight the fact that inside of it you will find a unique item, made just for YOU. The cotton bag will make also a nice laundry bag or a keepsake bag to put all the little things that will remind you of the precious first year with the baby.

For the bags, I use two stamps, both of which are handmade in two different countries. The big logo stamp is made in the UK by The English Stamp Company. I loved the way their stamps are made – the sizes, customization options, and wooden handles of the stamps were the features that I really loved. And the shipping was very fast as the company is situated not far from EU. 

The care stamp is from California, United States, and is handmade by Substation Paperie. I must admit that I love the farmhouse style of the premade stamps and stationery they offer. It gives this “homey” feeling to everything, including the packaging. This shop is owned by a talented mama. And though I had to wait to purchase the stamp for a couple of months as the owner was on maternity leave, the amazing quality and design of the stamp were worth the wait!

Ribbons are my favorite way to add feminine and luxurious detail to my creations. The ribbons for the packaging are pure silk ribbons hand dyed and cut by HoneySilks & Co from the USA. The pink ribbons that I also frequently use to package designs for the girls are cotton ribbons from the Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine, handmade and dyed by a small family business LinenLark and shipped to me from their office in the USA.

The “Thank you” card you receive with each purchase is designed by PeachAndPistachio – a design and marketing studio from Liverpool, UK. Besides the warm greetings and thank you note, you will find there a little gift from me – a coupon code for 15% off on the next purchase.

As you can see, the branding packaging I created for the blankets is fully handmade by small businesses like mine located in different countries. And it reflects my concept of handmade and slow fashion which is the core of my little handmade shop. I hope my designs will be welcome and live in their new homes a long happy life, being passed from one generation to another. And the cotton bags they arrive in will become memory keepers for YOUR family.

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