Emmy was the first baby blanket I created for my baby shop on Etsy and thus is one of the most special designs I’ll ever make.

My creative and artisan career started with an old crochet baby blanket made for my husband by his grandma. Holding it in my hands I got an idea to make a baby blanket for my baby too to have another family heirloom to pass down.

When my boys were born, I was already making blankets and tiny baby clothing for my friends and friends of their friends. And my babies had around 5 baby handmade baby blankets each.  To have an excuse to continue to make these little treasures, I opened an Etsy shop and listed some of the ready blankets and baby hats.

At that time, I was making blanket designs published in magazines and books for makers. They were very beautiful but very time-consuming to make. In general, it took around 3 weeks to make one blanket. Being full of orders I could not keep up working this way and designed a blanket that was cozy, beautiful, and easy to make. It took me a while to find an old notebook with design notes and digitalize it. But finally, the pattern is here and is released on Etsy, Ravelry, and on Love Crafts!

One of the “secrets” of fast making is the yarn – trying many different types of yarns and fibers, I found chunky wool and cotton blend that became my favorite for making baby blankets. In the pattern’s materials section, you will find detailed information about the yarn I used for the blanket. The featured yarn label info will be helpful to find a substitute if none of the yarns I listed as suggestions won’t be available in your yarn store.

The pattern is very easy to remember and even an absolute beginner can make it. You will need to know just a few basic crochet stitches: chain, Double Crochet, and slip stitch. If you are a skimmer like me, do not worry – the pattern has a diagram so you can follow it instead of reading text.

Most of the time my blankets were bought for newborn babies as a gift, to be a family heirloom, or for newborn photography. And I think Emmy is the perfect timeless design for any of those. The lacy shells look very feminine and will look stunning in any nursery.  If you try to make this blanket in chunky or bulky white wool, the shells will turn into fluffy snowflakes. Just an idea for your Christmas gift-making :).

Emmy was named after the first best friend of my son. They both were 4 and looking at two of them playing together was melting my heart. Kids grew up and their ways split. But I believe this was the most profound bond I ever saw my children making with anyone that was not a family. Naming my blanket after the little guarding angel of my son helped me to keep this happy memory alive through time.

Emmy blanket found new homes on all continents of the Globe and in many countries. With its pattern release, I am sure that this design will cozy up many more newborn babies and help create happy moments in many more families. This blanket looks amazingly beautiful and delicate in the newborn’s photos.

Happy making friends!