For every designer, the year is divided into two seasons: Autumn-Winter and Spring-Summer. One day I decided to change this “routine” by creating a “No woolly” baby blankets collection.

During my winter seasons on Etsy, I was getting many questions about the materials I use to make my winter baby blankets. Each time these questions had comments from new moms “my child doesn’t like wool” or “my child is allergic to wool”.

Being allergic to wool myself, I decided to create a collection of newborn blankets that can be used during ANY season, including winter and will be very gentle on even the most delicate baby skin.

Choosing the yarn.

I prefer to use natural yarns and high-quality fine merino wool was my usual choice for winter. It is the only wool yarn that does not make me feel sick. Now I needed to find a substitute that would have the same softness and warmth. After almost 3 years of trying zillion fibers and their combinations manufactured in Italy and around the Globe, in 2018 I finally found the yarn I was searching for! It was a surprise discovery as the yarn was technically not 100% natural or bio, but a high-quality chunky blend of cotton and acrylic fibers. It is looking and feels amazing, warm, and very pleasant to touch, perfect for daily use during autumn, winter, spring, and chilly days of summer.

Reinventing personal design style.

This collection started two other “brand trends” of my personal design style – it was completely white and minimal (Sofie White Designs took its roots from here). The natural rose-sunny-white shade and organic texture of the yarn ideally complemented each blanket and enhanced the simple stitches I used for this collection.

Timeless and clean look

Simple and subtle patterns were chosen for a reason. Handmade baby blankets are not just baby bedding. Most likely they become family heirlooms and part of the family stories. Many of my clients were getting a handmade blanket for the baby to pass it down. I wanted each blanket to be timeless and look beautiful in the baby nurseries of today and in 20 years from now. What can be more timeless than minimal and classic?!

What’s in a name?

Each blanket got a female name. Expecting my baby girl, I made a long list of my favorite names for girls. Thinking about baby blankets names I remembered about it, and to my big luck could find it! As you can guess already, I took the blankets’ names from that list.

Bringing it back

“No Woolly” was sold out long ago. But I am bringing it back as patterns this summer, hoping to inspire modern mamas and burst their creativity. My patterns are like a “white page,” I encourage you to play with yarns and colors you like to customize any design and make it “yours”. So it will seamlessly fit YOUR home decor and will live “happily ever after” in your family.

Patterns release

The first “No Woolly” patterns will be released in August – September 2021 in my Etsy patterns store. Follow me on Instagram to know the dates of each pattern release or patterns testing opportunity. I will be happy to meet you on the Gram!