Each handmade item is made with love. This means that it requires gentle and loving care.

If you need to wash your handmade garment, please follow this simple guide below.


I recommend hand washing all handmade items, even though the label of some yarns (like cotton) says that they can be washed in the machine. Why? The tension of a hand while making a garment is different than that of the machine. That is why in order to preserve the original form and shape of your garment is better to avoid machine washing.

Tip 2:

Take off any jewelry (rings and bracelets) from your hands. They can accidentally scratch or unravel the garment.

Care Instructions

  • Wash items by hand, separately.
  • Use plenty of water, at a lukewarm temperature.
  • Don’t let the garment soak
  • Use neutral soap, half a dose you would normally use
  • Don’t use bleach or fabric softener
  • Measure the garment before washing to shape it correctly after the wash
  • Spin in the pillowcase or roll in the towel to press out moisture
  • Shape your item respecting original measurements on a thick towel
  • Air dry flat, away from the sun

Following these simple tips will help you to preserve the original softness and look of your item.

Still, have questions or want to share your tips? Write them in the comments below!


How to wash your handmade items

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