Hello and welcome,

I am Olia (name in art Sofie) – a mom of 1+2 from the North of Italy. 

Becoming a mom an artist was born. I hope that my patterns will help you to bond with your baby and find your true self in this new role of a mother. Just as I found myself through creating and handmaking after my babies were born :)


Meet The Artist Behind The SWD

how it all started

My creative journey started when I was expecting my baby girl Sofia: my first baby blanket I made for her. A couple of years later, I realized that my passion to create for littles became much more than a hobby! In 2013 I opened SofiBabyShop on Etsy and the whole world has known me as a “blanket girl” or Sofie. During pandemic times I closed baby shop, but since so many of you asked to share my patterns a new chapter in my journey begun with Sofie White Designs launch in the end of 2021.
Working with yarns, creating from a plain strand something amazing, warm, and cozy is not just a passion or a hobby. It is more like a journey, a discovery - of materials, techniques, friendly communities, and … yourself.

There is an unexplanable comfort in making something with fibers. Creating brings in satisfaction and joy, gives you a point of focus outside yourself and grows your “wings”. At the same time, it is like a meditation, feels so much the same. Believe it or not, my path to simple living and yoga practice started in the evenings of crocheting and knitting while my littles were asleep. 

I hope my patterns will not only help you to learn how to knit and crochet. I sincerely hope they’ll bring into your life more beauty, curiosity, positivity, and desire to slow down and enjoy here and now every single day. They are like the white pages that are out there for you to color and bring to life with your imagination and creativity.

 Happy making my friends!