Today I am sharing my finds for the cute gift packaging ideas for the handmade gifts that I used when having my baby shop on Etsy.

Whether you sell your crafts or plan to gift them, I believe the time and effort you spend on handmaking is also worth the appropriate packaging. Beautiful and unique handmade packaging will add a luxury note to your gift and turn unboxing into an experience.

It took me quite a while to design the packaging for my handmade blankets. Why? All the packaging materials I use are handmade, and all the items I used have their own story that I want to share with you today.

Go green

I strongly believe in the importance of a sustainable and eco-friendly way of doing business, no matter how small or how big it is. That is why a few years ago (when I had a baby shop on Etsy) I replaced plastic and paper bags to ship my handmade blankets with cotton bags with beautiful handmade ribbons. This was my little contribution to the world with more trees and less plastic.

I made all bags by myself from soft natural cotton fabric that is very close to muslin cotton – perfect for newborn babies and daily use.

The beauty of reusable packaging is that it will not go to the trash after unboxing but will “serve” to store the blanket. Cotton bags always look beautiful and highlight the fact that inside is a unique item, made just for YOU.

It will make a nice laundry bag or a keepsake bag to put all the little things that will remind the new mama of the precious first year with the baby.

Use stamps to brand your packaging

To decorate the bags and highlight the handmade products inside, I used two stamps. Both of them are handmade and produced in two different countries.

The big logo stamp is made in the UK by The English Stamp Company. I loved the way their stamps are made. The sizes, customization options, and wooden handles of the stamps were the features that I loved. And the shipping was very fast as the company is situated not far from EU. 

The care stamp is the one to go for when gifting your items to your family and friends. They add this “handmade for you” touch and help to remember how to care for the item. The stamp I used for myself and still use for my gifts is from California, United States, handmade by Substation Paperie.

I must admit that I love the farmhouse style of the premade stamps and stationery they offer. They give a special “homey” feeling to everything they touch, including the packaging. This shop owner is a talented new mama. And though I had to wait to purchase the stamp for a couple of months as the owner was on maternity leave, the amazing quality and design of the stamp were worth the wait!

Elegant handmade ribbons

Ribbons are my favorite way to add feminine and luxurious detail. The ribbons I used for the packaging are pure silk ribbons. They are hand-dyed and cut by HoneySilks & Co from the USA. They are very unique and luxurious which makes them perfect for any special occasion.

For holiday gifting or let’s say for frequent use, I use cotton ribbons. For example to package designs for the girls I use handmade pink cotton ribbons. They arrived to me from the Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine -from a small family business LinenLark.

Express gratitude and sprinkle love

The card is optional for your packaging, especially if you are not a shop owner. But it shows that you care. For my cards, I chose the card design by PeachAndPistachio – a studio from Liverpool, UK.

Besides the warm greetings and thank you note, in your thank you card you can include a coupon code for 10-15% off on the next purchase (like I was doing). Surely it was appreciated.

But if you are not a seller and just need to write a few nice words for someone special, instead of regular store cards you can use handmade (or regular colored) paper sheets with your handwriting and wax seal on them. This immediately will add an elegant touch to your gift presentation.

Make your packaging reflect your values

As you can see, the branding packaging I created for the blankets is fully handmade by small businesses like mine located in different countries. It reflects my concept of a handmade, the core of my little business and lifestyle.

Even long after my shop is closed, I hope my designs will live happily ever after in their new homes, passing from one generation to another. And the cotton bags they arrived in will become memory keepers for the family who received them.

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Cute Gift Packaging Ideas for The Handmade Gifts

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