As a part of this year’s Sofie White Designs transformation, I am updating all my knitting and crochet patterns with a new e-book style.

More than just a visual update

In our digital era, the possibility to use the pattern without the need to print it is a must. I always aimed my patterns to be easy for you to read on any device and wanted them to become more than just instructions to follow. That is why I opted for the E-book style in the first place – it has many advantages. I tried it in 2022 and was happy with the results. This year I decided to bring my idea one step further and updated my patterns with a personal space for YOU! The space where you can track your work, write notes, and be inspired.

Thus, each pattern transforms into a beautiful e-book with about 20 pages and has two new add-ons.

1. Your Notes Section

There are two new pages inside the pattern to track your progress and write your notes. On one page you can list your yarn, crochet hook number, or the needles you’ve chosen. You can mark on the same page your gauge. Plus there is a complete page just for your comments and thoughts. This section has editable fields, so you do not need to print the pattern to fill them in – do it directly in the PDF file.

2. Pages with professional photos

A lot of times we start a project very excitedly. But, if it is time-consuming, step by step this excitement vanishes. And it might happen that with a busy lifestyle, the new project you are no longer “heated up” about will remain unfinished. Though most of Sofie White’s Designs are created to be easy and fast to make, there is never too much inspiration. The pattern contains many professional images featuring the ready item for you to keep going and not lose motivation.

All the patterns of 2023 have by default a new e-book style. I am updating the “old” pattern PDFs one by one, starting from the Etsy shop, and then will update the Ravelry and LoveCrafts stores.

If you bought my pattern with an old design, please log in to your Etsy account and go to your uploads page to download the new version. If you need help with it, just convo me, and I will send you a link to upload your pattern via WeTransfer.

Have a closer look

Here is an example of how SWD patterns look now. Click on the arrows to flip the pages.


My Knitting and Crochet Patterns Got a Beautiful Design Makeover

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