Many times a project you work on needs to use yarns of different colors or more than one skein of yarn.

As a beginner, I tied my yarns together somewhat like this.

I hid them on the wrong side of the work but as you can guess this solution was not ideal. Apart from the unpleasant visual effect, the knots were feeling sturdy and uncomfortable. Especially when working with cotton. Then I learned a better way to make it – the so-called “magic knot” technique.

This simple short tutorial will teach you how to tie strands of yarn together with a knot that is invisible.

It does not matter if you tie the yarns of the same color or not, your knot will not be visible on both sides of the work and will hold two yarns together well.

I hope this was helpful and will be glad to hear what else I might help you with. Let me know in the comments below.


How to make a magic knot

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