Tassels will add a cozy touch to your scarves, blankets, shawls, and many other projects. They can be done in different ways and forms. But how to make a tassel the simplest way?

To make a simple tassel you will need yarn, cupboard, or a small object (like a book) that has the same width or desired tassel’s length.

This quick and simple tutorial will show how to make a tassel and how to attach it to the project you are working on.

You can decorate your tassels with glass, stone, or wooden beads. Or make them by mixing different yarns or yarn with ribbons for an extra sparkle. They also can be a great way to use yarn “leftovers” instead of throwing them.

Tassels will update any scarf, baby blanket, or shawl with a warm, comfy vibe. Besides being a beautiful decoration for your handmade garments, tassels can be used to decorate just anything.

You can do the party or nursery garlands with tassels. Add them to your jewelry and Christmas tree decorations. Options are endless.

More inspiration and useful tutorials for beginners are in the school section on the blog and on my YouTube Channel.

So tell me, what will you decorate with tassels?


How to Make a Tassel With Yarn

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