There are many ways to make poms: you can use pom makers or materials on hand. Today I am sharing a quick tutorial on how to make a pom pom with your hand.

You will need just a small skein of yarn (leftovers will be good too) and scissors.

Pompons add a cute and comfy vibe to any knitting or crochet project: hats, blankets, shawls, pillow covers, rugs, scarves – in short, to almost anything. A beanie hat with pompon is a classic example of how you can instantly transform your garment with this little “extra”.

how to make a pom pom with your hand

If you want to add more drama to your garment- try pom poms in different colors or a different yarn.

Pompons can be a standalone decor piece to add a boho touch to your home decor. They are also a perfect way to recycle yarn leftovers. For example, making garlands.

The secret how to make a pom that will not fall apart is to pull the string tighter while making a knot. You can use synthetic or waxed strands to tighten the pom pom in the middle.

Check out more helpful tutorials for beginners in our school section and on the SWD YouTube Channel.

What is your favorite way to add a comfy touch to your home decor?


How to Make a Pom Pom With Your Hand

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