Fringes are a simple and easy way to add a sparkle to your knitting or crochet project. There are many ways to make fringes. In this post, I am sharing some easy and creative ways to do it.

Quick video tutorial

See how to make fringes for your blanket or garment in an easy way:

Materials you can use

There are endless options of materials you can use. It depends on what effect you want to achieve: color, texture, and add to your work cozy touch or movement.

You can use the same yarn with contrast or complementing color to add some color splash to your project. Artistic yarns are a great way to add texture and movement. And chunky yarns (or double/triple stranding) will add a cozy effect to anything.

Great to use leftovers

Any crafter has a stash of yarns or different fibers leftovers. Sometimes these leftovers are not enough even to make a pompon or a tassel. Fringes do not require a lot of material. But if you have a long border to decorate it can be an opportunity to unleash your creativity by mixing and matching the leftovers of yarns and/or ribbons.

I call this kind of fringe “make a wish” fringes. You can add them to a scarf, blanket, shawl, or sweater for a very fairy and playful effect. Why do I call them “make a wish” fringes? Because of mixing different yarns and fibers, textures, and colors, the fringes remind me of the ancient tradition of tying a ribbon and making a wish in a sacred place.

I hope this post was helpful to you. If you want to share your fringe artwork, please tag @sofiewhiteblog on Instagram. I would love to see how your fringes turned out!


How to Make Fringes

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