Love super chunky wool but have no idea when to buy it online? This post will get you covered. I adore working with chunky and super bulky yarns and today want to share my favorite online shops where I buy this yarn and supplies for chunky knits.

I must admit trying this yarn for the first time was an amazing experience. It was love from the first touch! And I am not the only one here, I bet just anyone who touches this soft cloud will instantly fall in love.

The part I like most is that anything you make of it will look like a piece of art. And you can finish your project in a very short time. The disadvantages are that the yarn is heavy, very delicate to care for, can shedd if a piece made of it is often used, and is quite costly.

But all of the “cons” disappear when you touch it with your hands and start working.

Types of giant yarns

Many online yarn shops offer giant Merino wool or cotton tubes. So far I tried only Merino wool so I will speak about this yarn mostly in this post.

This yarn weight has so many variants and here is what you need to consider when choosing your yarn:

  • For the wool check the number of microns: the less the number, the finest and highest quality will be the yarn. You will find on the market Merino wool of 16, 19, 21, and 23 microns. Wool of 16 microns is the finest and perfect for even newborns’ delicate skin.
  • Weight and length of your yarn. This yarn is heavy! Even for a small blanket, you will need not less than 2 kg of yarn. Read carefully the description of the yarn to see how many meters /yards are in 1 kg before you choose the quantity. In case of doubt, ask the seller how much kg you need for your project before you buy.
  • If you choose the cotton tube yarn, check if it has a beam or not as well as what is the filling inside.

Cotton tube vs. wool roving

What is better – cotton tube or wool roving? This question I am still asking myself too. And to answer it I still need to try cotton tube yarns. I know that the big advantage of the cotton tube is that it is not shedding as wool and can be washed in the machine. But on the other hand, the soft and cozy visual and tactful effect of the wool can’t be denied. One of the reasons why I have not tried the cotton tube is this difference.

In short, a cotton tube blanket or rug has a beautiful modern look. The giant wool blanket radiates heaven’s warmth and coziness. You would want to indulge yourself in it.

If you tried cotton tube already, please let me know in the comments below how you liked it!

Where I buy super bulky yarns

I bought most giant Merino wool for my projects from Etsy. One of the biggest advantages of the platform is that you can find an artisan shop that is near you. Also there you will find many options suitable for any taste and budget.

You can also find the Merino Wool roving at the DHG shop. They have a very beautiful color selection and excellent customer service. Their yarn quality is excellent and since they are located in Italy I love buying my yarn from them. If you live in Europe, you should give them a try too. Shipping is very fast.

You can knit this yarn just with your hands

For my first project with super bulky yarn, I bought big needles (25 mm in diameter) on Etsy but used them just for scarves projects. For blankets, they were too small to handle all the stitches. And these big knitting needles are heavy to work with. Using them felt pretty much like weights lifting rather than knitting so in the end I realized that the hands are a much better tool.

Now I use them as photo props for photos and video styling. Be sure they will always make a great impact on the audience of your content and raise a lot of comments and likes.

OK, now is your turn. Tell me in the comments below if you ever tried to work with giant yarns and how you like it.

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Where to Buy Super Chunky Wool and Supplies Online

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