Today I want to talk to you about my big dreams and new Project ideas for the next life chapter. I always wanted to give back to the community and be more than only a “business”. Finally, I figured out how to combine my activities and create the perfect space for crafting, education, mindfulness, and support local history, and communities.

I live in the land of history and art, surrounded by ruins of houses that hundreds of years ago were part of the local history. After years for some reason, they were abandoned. I had a dream for quite a while to acquire one of those to bring them to life. To “transport” them into the current time. Preserving their ancient beauty to make them an active protagonist of the local community.

And a few months ago I found THE ONE. The place I always dreamt of is available for sale. Finding it blew my mind and heart. It was love at first sight. It was butterflies in my stomach and a zillion ideas of how much good this place could bring to my family, to the local community, and to people from all over the world who like intimate and private events in fascinating romantic places that breathe history.

The Magic Place That Now Falls Apart

Before I say more, I want to underline that all the images you see in this post are not related to the actual property and location that I am talking about and have illustrative scope only.

I want to bring an abandoned and falling-apart space into its original days’ glory and make it a magic fairy tale for the local community and for all who would like to visit. I have so many wonderful ideas about how to create from the property a venue for events, charity, educational workshops, photo shoots, and reading for kids.

The Project Idea

My new project is called “Gizelle – Villa delle Rose”. Don’t ask me why – it just naturally came to mind and I made the presentation for my idea in an hour. It’s like all my life I was waiting to find this space. It is like coming home. Everything you ever dreamt of you see in front of you. I still can’t believe it is happening :).

I have no funds available for the purchase and have no idea how I can pull this off. But dreaming big does not mean doing it alone. If you want to help me fund this project and want to know more, I can send you a detailed presentation. Or if you know where I can find the financial support to bring my idea to life, please contact me.

My kids also are very enthusiastic about my idea and I am sure they will help me to manage the project when it comes to life as well as my mom and my sister and her daughter. A real family project that can live long after I am gone and do good for many people for years to come. The heritage I always wanted.

All The Good Things

The types of events that can be held in the venue are various.

Starting from religious ceremonies such as Weddings and Baptisms, and finishing with presentations, book readings and signings, editorials, all kinds of workshops and classes, and festive and educational events. I came up with this just in an hour. I am sure there can be much more on the way after the project will go live.

The main values of the project are mindfulness, sustainability, traditions, and family. The venue will host rather intimate and close events, opposite of massive and commercial. Maximum capacity 30 people.

We want to bring people together and let them make nice memories in small, private gatherings. Help them to dedicate time to the people they love in person, not on the phone or online.

The Chapel

There is a small Chapel of 1600 at the property. It makes the place ideal for any religious event or ceremony. I want to plant a tree beside it and surround the tree with a cozy sitting area and lanterns. This area can be perfect for outdoor reading, knitting, or crochet workshops in summer. Or just to make a wish while waiting for the event to start.

The main part of this project is not about making a piece of history functional, and alive again but about giving back to the local community.

We want to support all local businesses and encourage tourism in the area full of history and sights to discover. The area where the property is located is rich in culture, arts, and artisan workshops but, like this property, a bit forgotten and not on the radar of bloggers or travelers. It is still not a popular Italian destination to visit. But has so many gems to discover!

Working with local event planners and photo-videographers we want to spread the word about it and make Gizelle Villa Delle Rose an international events Venue and a lovely tourist attraction, educational and cultural reference that is restoring the connection between the past and the future. Educating our children, promoting a sustainable lifestyle, reading, handmade, and just having a good time.

From Dreaming To Doing

For now, it is still just pieces of paper with beautiful ideas, a business plan, and no funding yet. I have a dream and hope you, guys, will help me to make it come true. I believe that together people can make the World a better place. Any help and support are highly appreciated.

Help me to create magic and spread kindness, to sprinkle love and gratitude. Help to create a fairy tale for people from all over the world. To make this World a bit better place to live and grow our children.

Thank you for your time and attention. And if you want to know more, show your support by sharing this post, or want to help, please let me know. I will be very grateful for this.


My Big Dreams and New Project Ideas for the Next Life Chapter

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