Today I want to share the most amazing thing I learned in 2023 – the power of manifesting and different ways to do it.

If you are wondering what manifesting is, briefly said – it is showing the Universe what you want consistently so it gives you what you want.

I’ve heard many times about the law of attraction and manifesting, but it took a while before I decided to try it. I did not believe that manifesting works.

For many years I was sure people were just inventing this to skip the part where they needed to work hard for their goals and dreams. This is because I did not understand manifesting and how to use this tool correctly.

I learned that you do not do manifesting instead of “moving the needle”. You use it to move the needle faster. The work you have to do “to get there” is still there for you, but manifesting does the road to the result you want more fun and fast.

Manifesting Practice Benefits

This practice does not help only the Universe to understand what you want. And then give it to you. It gives you more clarity of what exactly you want and need. It helps to concentrate and laser focus on your goals and dreams. It helps to keep going, especially on days when it gets too hard.

This practice also helps you to relax, to reflect, to slow down, and to feel grateful for what you already have. And maybe you already manifesting without knowing it. Praying is also a way of manifesting for me. Meditation when I imagine myself having what I wish is also a way to manifest.

How Do You Manifest?

I started to do manifesting practice by writing down the dreams, wishes, or goals I had as if they had already happened. For a year I was journaling and did a gratitude practice (writing every morning 5 things I am grateful for).

And I was doing it for a while with no or little results. Then once I read a story of a woman I follow on Instagram about how she met the love of her life.

She saw a photo in a newspaper and it made her heart skip. Something in this photo attracted her in a way she could not explain. This photo was reflecting the image of the man she wanted to meet. Not just the appearance, but the vibe, and the energy. The photo was telling the story. And she wanted this story to be part of hers too.

She cut this photo and carried it in the pocket of her favorite jeans looking at it from time to time. 3 years later she met a man who was exactly like the one in that photo. Long story short – they are happily married and still are together.

Manifesting Through Visuals

This story made me think about how I can manifest not only through writing but also using visuals. And here where was my aha moment. I am a very visual person and this way of manifesting works most for me. I think each of us has to find the way it works best for ourselves.

My first experiment was to put the wallpaper on my phone with the image representing what I was manifesting. Why phone? Because this is the photo I would see most times of the day as I wanted some privacy. I did not wish to exhibit it on my desk or other easy-to-seen places.

Playing with this strategy for a few months I realized that by doing it right I was getting what I was “showing” with the photos in just a few weeks.

The main “trick” is not to find just the visual representation of your wish or dream. It is to find an image that represents your wish and makes you feel butterflies in your stomach when you look at it.

Where Do You Get the Images for Manifesting?

No, you don’t have to do all the visuals by yourself. You can easily find them on the Internet. Pinterest is my favorite place to find them. There you can find just anything!

I have a few secret boards where I collect the images I then download them on my phone and print them in the smallest format (10×10 cm or 7.5×10 cm) using the photo printing app. It is a very easy and budget-friendly way to create an album or a small scrapbook.

This year I decided to go further – I sprinkle my manifesting images through my daily planner and journal too. I also have a box beside my bed table where I keep the most beautiful and dear photos that I look at in the moments when it gets too hard. Or just on a bad day when everything feels wrong.

You Can Manifest About Anything!

Manifesting is not only about goals and dreams, it can be about anything you wish to bring into your life or how you see your future self. Or a better version of yourself. No matter what area of life you want to improve, this practice is very helpful.

This is how I understand manifesting. I am not an expert of any kind in this area. I simply want to share with you what I learned experimenting with it in my life.

In 2023 manifesting was a fun way to help myself to be more focused on what I wish my life to be, and discover what person I want to become. And the God and Universe heard me. I could not believe when all I manifested about became real.

What about you? Do you manifest and have your ways to do it? Please share in the comments below.


The Power of Manifesting

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