Black Friday is the only sale SWD does during the year, and today’s post will give you all the details about what Black Friday deals to expect this year and how to get the most out of this sale.

About the 2023 sale

The key word of our Black Friday 2023 is EASY. We wanted your experience to be as stress-free as possible. So we combined BF and Cyber Monday in one “Holiday Sale” with the same discount and conditions.

The sale will be held only in our Etsy store. This decision was taken to simplify for YOU as much as possible the overall experience. Etsy has a very user-friendly interface on mobile devices. You do not need to have an account on the platform to buy. There are plenty of payment options available to suit any demand.

You will not need any code or email sign-up to access the sale. Just come to the SWD Etsy shop, grab your favorite patterns with the discount already applied on the regular price, and in a few clicks you are done!

Deal of Black Friday 2023

All the items in the shop will be discounted by 30%, including collections and bundles.

The quantities will be limited for each design, so do not wait for the last day if you have your eye on something. The sold-out items will be available in the shop for a regular price the day after the sale ends.

When is BF2023 at SWD?

The sale will go live on Nov 24, 2023, at 12:01 Rome time and end on Monday, 27th. Set your alarms and use the tips below for stress-free Black Friday shopping.

Get the most of the sale

Black Friday can be a very stressful weekend because all the shops online and offline have the biggest annual sales. And probably you have a few shops in mind where you’d like to snag something for a better price.

Here are a few helpful tips to get the most out of our BF sale:

  • Check out the SWD Etsy shop and add to your Cart your favorite designs. Pay particular attention to the note below the item that says in how many carts this item was added. Remember that the quantities for sale will be limited.
  • Decide if you would use a Desktop or mobile device to shop. If you will use a mobile device, be sure to upload the Etsy app. This will simplify and speed up a lot the placing of an order process. In case you shop for a very popular pattern you will have a better chance to snag it.
  • Even if you can make a purchase as a guest, register on the app or Etsy website. This way you can save your payment details which will save you a lot of time during the sale. With just a few clicks your order will be placed and you can upload your patterns right away!
  • If you plan to shop for yarn during Black Friday, you may want to buy the patterns first and then proceed to shop for yarn. The digital files are immediately available for upload and you can see how much yarn you will need for your new project.
  • Follow @sofiewhitedesigns on Instagram and activate Posts and Stories notifications. When the sale goes live, we will post an announcement. Thus, you will receive immediate notification on your phone.

Black Friday can be fun and awesome

If you already have your “favorites” to have a better chance to snag them, do not wait till the last day of the sale.

And for those who are not sure yet where they want to shop this year’s Black Friday – our Holiday Sale ends on Monday. This can be the best “last minute” opportunity for you.

I wish all of you to have your best Black Friday ever 🙂 If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below.


Black Friday Deals At Sofie White Designs

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