Christmas is just around the corner and usually at this time of the year most of us start to make “the list” and think what kind of gifts we can buy or make for our special people. Below you can find some nice gift ideas for knitters or crocheters.

These patterns, I believe, will be the best projects you can knit and/or crochet for a cozy handmade gift. But today we’re talking about gift ideas for all who like me love to knit and crochet.

My why

I must be honest here, my why is very personal. All my friends know that I love to knit and crochet – I have been doing it for over 15 years. But no one Christmas I received a gift that would be related to my passion. And thinking of it I realize that they just do not know what they can gift!

I know all the little things that will make my crafter soul happy, but they do not know anything about knitting or crochet. And when it comes to gifts, all of us want to be sure that our gift is appropriate and will be loved. So many of us choose from the stuff we know.

What crafters want?

My guide will help you to understand what kind of gifts you can give to a person who loves to knit and crochet. I list here the things I love. But! I hope my ideas or even only the gift “categories” listed in this post will give you a better understanding of what kind of gift you can make to someone who loves to knit and crochet or wants to try a new hobby.

All the ideas I share today are possible to buy online, no matter where you live. This said, let’s dive in.


This is the most obvious gift idea. And the options here are just endless. Do not know how many skeins to buy? Here is a personal hint – buy one skein of chunky or bulky yarn. If you have a budget you can go for artistic or handmade yarns. They are kind of costly but with 1 ball of chunky yarn it is possible to make a hat and artistic yarn can be a fantastic decorative addition to any project.

Here are some of my personal favorite places to shop for yarns online:

  • Knit Collage – fantastic artistic yarns to make any project bloom.
  • We Are Knitters – quality yarns, kits, and more.
  • Wool and the Gang – quality yarns, tools, kits, and their holiday shop are must check!
  • DHG shop – Made in Italy at its best: yarns, fibers, ribbons, felt, and much more.
  • Loopy Mango – all things chunky and colorful
  • Knitting for Olive – luxurious Italian yarns and much more.
  • Etsy – the biggest selection of handmade yarn shops you can find.

Tools, accessories, and gadgets

This is probably the most “easy” category to find gifts for any budget after yarns. Knitting needles and crochet hooks can make a wonderful addition to your yarn present. Or you can add a few other tools or accessories that will be loved as well. Options here are even more numerous. Starting from custom cups, tool storage solutions (bags, totes, and cases), T-shirts and hoodies, and ending with poms and labels.

Here are some places online where you can easily find something to gift:


Patterns also can be a great gift idea. It is not easy to choose a pattern when you have no idea what it is and what projects are to go for. No worries! Go for pattern bundles – let the recipient choose.

SWD also has a few packages of pattern bundles – 3 patterns and 5 patterns packages that can be a great gift idea. They do not expire, you do not need to “claim” all 3 or 5 patterns at once and I add new patterns regularly. Win-win!

Here is how you can buy a pattern bundle and give it a gift.

Usually, if you buy patterns “package” after the purchase you need to specify the patterns you want to receive. And this part can do the gift’s recipient! Just write in the “Note to order” line: ” A gift for a friend (or mom)”. I will send you the e-gift card to send to your friend. And when your friend is ready, you or the recipient can email me the pattern numbers and get a link for upload.


I see so many fantastic books with knitting and crochet patterns released lately. And I hope that soon I will be able to publish the book I am working on too 🙂

A book with patterns will be a wonderful gift idea not only for beginners but also for experienced knitters and crocheters. Books, unlike patterns, are not only to teach but also to inspire. They bring joy and positivity into your day when you look at the beautiful images. And swiping the pages for a moment you are in your happy place. So do not evaluate the book just by the number of patterns it contains.

Here are just a few books from my personal bucket list:

Happy Gifting!

Well, I hope my Christmas Gift Guide which looks more like a wish list was helpful for you. Christmas is always a magical time for me and gifts from the heart are always a big part of the “magic”.

I believe it’s not the price tag that makes a great gift, but the time you dedicate to find it or make it. And taking time to make happy the people you love and care for is so exciting!

Let me know if my ideas helped you in the comments. And if you want to share yours – please do so! Sharing is caring.

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Christmas Gifts for Knitters and Crocheters

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